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Any request for services, verbal or electronic will be subject to our contract terms. Any submission of funds will constitute agreement to all the contract terms. It is important that you read the terms and be aware of your responsibilities.  Please print a copy for your file.  


All new clients will be required to sign our updated contract outlining the details specific to your event.  You may print the basic pages here, however a detailed contract will be done for each booking.  

2019 new client contract - 5 pages             Tenting contract - 1 page


 Date reservation. Contract is for the day of one event and includes set up and breakdown days as needed. Request for additional days for the event or secondary event are subject to additional fees.

Clients may not “share” or sub-lease with other client events at the same location.

 EWD reserves the right to adjust setup and breakdown dates and/or times to fit its schedule.
 Additional fees may apply for locations that require immediate breakdown after event, or any other surcharges to vendors.
Payment Due Date.  Estimated charges over are due in full as follows and once received are non refundable regardless of order changes.
      Due with Contract signing    - 25% of the estimate
      Due within 60 days of event - Additional 50% of estimate or updated order
                                                  (orders over $1,000) 
      Due 7 days before event       -Balance of updated order
     ** Any additional charges for order updates due to weather,  or fees for damage or loss will be invoiced for payment within 10 days.  All outstanding balances past 10 days will be subject to late fee.
Payment form. Paper check or Echeck are preferred methods of payment. Credit Card payments may be accepted if necessary and will include an additional fee of 3.5% of the charges. 


 Cancellation and order changes
Any changes to the order must be in writing, however day of changes if necessary may be verbal. Any changes within 7 days of event will be additions only, no reductions will be accepted. Client/lessee agrees to payment in full for any changes or additions to the order.

EWD reserves the right to deny changes to the order or provide additional services that can not be reasonably performed in the time frame allotment scheduled for the event set up.  Any request that are unsafe or illegal will also be denied.

Cancellation of the event by the client will result in the forfeit of all prepaid amounts as outlined due above. Notice must be given in writing by both clients listed in this contract.  The contract may be rewritten with one client removed if necessary.

No refunds of prepaid funds will be allowed regardless of order changes.

Exception to cancellation policy for ceremony chairs only.  Orders for only outdoor ceremony chairs that are cancelled due to weather the day of the event will be refunded 50% of the invoice as long as the chairs have not been delivered and set up.  Once the chairs are on location, no refund will be give regardless of use. 

Additional terms are in the full contract. Please read and understand your responsibilities.